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Please check this page periodically for additional presentations.

These files are a collection of presentations for the 2017 Home Base Symposium. Most files are in Google format. Some presentations may be in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format. If you do not have the free reader, a copy can be obtained on the Adobe website at http://www.adobe.com. The reader is specific to your computer platform and operating system. Instructions for installing are also available on the Adobe website.

The individual symposium presenters have provided these presentations. The NCDPI assumes no responsibility for the content of the files.

Course Title
Full Slides
Canvas Sessions
Canvas API Calls Using Google Apps Script    
Canvas Connections PDF Notes
Canvas for Professhional Learning    
Canvas Open Lab    
Canvas: What to Look For    
Catching the Canvas Wave G. DOC  
Flipping PD with Canvas G. DOC  
Making Canvas Work For Your District PDF  
Making Your Canvas Google-y G. DOC  
NCVPS Moved to CANVAS: Sharing Our Approach & Results    
Painting Canvas with the 4Cs G. DOC  
Personalized Professional Learning with Canvas    
Plug In and Connect Engaging Professional Development with Canvas G. DOC  
Using Canvas to Maximize Student Success and Teacher Connections    
Data Sessions
Accessing NC School Report Cards Online    
Data Privacy and Security PDF Notes
Let Us Introduce NC’s New Statewide P20W System, SchoolWorks! North Carolina’s Continuing Journey to Successful P20W Implementation    
What Can CEDARS Do for Me? PDF  
Google Sessions
Google Data    
Home Base Sessions
Home Base Communications Focus Group    
Home Base Roadmap and Digital Content G. DOC  
How to Access Home Base Symposium through the APP G. DOC  
Using Twitter to Plug In & Connect with other Educators G. DOC  
IAM Sessions
Getting the Most from the NCEdCloud IAM Service    
Student UID from All Angles G. DOC  
PCG Sessions
NC Student Perception Surveys    
PowerSchool Sessions
A Year in PowerSchool G. DOC
  • Student Enrollment & Withdrawal in PowerSchool
  • End of Term
  • End of Year Check List
Athletic Eligibility PDF  
Attendance/Attendance Tracking Configuration/Troubleshooting PDF Notes
Beginning SQL PDF Notes
Charter School Roundtable & Policy Update    
Connecting PowerSchool Data with Google Sheets    
Counselor Skills PDF  
Course Codes: Why and How? PDF  
Daily Attendance G. DOC  
  • Kahoot
Data Export Manager PDF  
Direct Database Export (DDE) and Tables    
Discipline Data Reporting G. DOC  
Elementary Scheduling - A Data Managers View PDF  
End of Term G. DOC  
End of Year PDF Notes
Enterprise Reporting for Report Users PDF  
Getting Started with PowerSchool for Charters    
Importing CPR Scores & Student Emails into PowerSchool    
Navigating LEP/EL Data in PowerSchool    
New Coordinator G. DOC  
Organize and Express Your Data PDF Excel DOCs.
Parent Connection    
PowerScheduler: Scheduling, Troubleshooting and How Do I Do That PDF PDF
PowerScheduler: Student Course Request Screens PDF  
PowerScheduler: Visual Scheduler PDF PDF
PowerSchool 101 PDF Notes
PowerSchool 102 PDF Notes
PowerSchool & TIMS PDF  
PowerSchool Data Elements Used for State Reports    
PowerSchool Data Structures    
PowerSchool Honor Roll: Tips and Tools PDF  
PowerSchool Tips & Tricks PDF  
PowerTeacher Pro for Administrators PDF  
PowerTeacher Pro for Teachers PDF  
Pre-Scheduling G. DOC  
Roles and Field Level Security PDF  
SAR Class Size - Understanding What This Report Is and How it is Calculated PDF  
Simple Object Reports PDF Notes
Standards PDF  
Storing Grades and Report Cards    
Student Accounting    
Student Enrollment and Withdraw for Beginners PDF  
Teacher Detectives: Using PowerSchool to Uncover Student Mysteries PDF Notes
Troubleshooting Transcripts    
Using Grad Plan Data PDF  
Using PowerScheduler to Build Your Master Schedule from Scratch PDF Notes
Using PowerScheduler to Copy and Tweak Your Master Schedule PDF Notes
What’s New in PowerSchool 10 PDF  
Schoolnet Sessions
Differentiation Made Easy: Using SchoolNet Data Analysis to Target Students for Enrichment and Remediation G. DOC  
Digging Into Schoolnet Data G. DOC  
Discovering the Versatility of Schoolnet Assessment Tool: Beyond Multiple Choice PDF  
Guiding Principles for Utilizing Schoolnet G. DOC  
How to Choose the Best Items for the Best Assessment G. DOC  
Light Up Your Curriculum G. DOC  
Schoolnet 18.1 PDF G.DOC
School and District Data Reporting G. DOC  
Schoolnet: Creating, Scanning and Reporting Data G. DOC  
Schoolnet Lesson Planner    
Schoolnet Open Lab    
Schoolnet Roles and Permissions G. DOC  
Searching Made Easy G. DOC  
Take Off Your Hairnet and Put on Your Schoolnet    
Why Bother With Schoolnet?    
Work Smarter Not Harder: Co-Authoring Assessments G. DOC  
Truenorthlogic Sessions
ASW - One District's Story G. DOC  
Building PD Workshop G. DOC  
"Elements Count!" How to Export Observation Data During the School Year for a Holistic School Evaluation Assessment PDF Notes
Engaging Participants and Promoting Professional Growth using Online PD G. DOC  
Helping Specialists With the Analysis of Student Work (ASW) Process    
How to Become the King or Queen of NCEES Reporting PDF Notes
NCEES Process: Principal Evaluation Process G. DOC  
NCEES Process: Teacher Evaluation Process G. DOC  
NCEES: Reporting G. DOC  
Supporting Teacher Professional Growth through the Professional Development System G. DOC  
Swivl: From Video Capture to Individual Student Time-lapse Artifacts G. DOC  
TNL Data Flow G. DOC  
TNL PD for Lateral Entry Hires PDF Notes
Truenorthlogic Basics PDF Notes

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