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This page contains student information as it pertains to PowerSchool.

Description Last Update Update Description File Type
Accommodations - NC Customizations 09/04/2014   PDF
Accident Logs (QRD) 08/07/2014 Revised document to match system functionality and enhancements. PDF
Adding/Deleting Activities on Student Records (QRD) 07/31/2013   PDF
Adding Historical Grades (QRD) 05/01/2018   PDF
Addition of PowerSchool Occupational Course of Study Flag 05/04/2014   PDF
After-School Program Quality Improvement Grant -- Special Program Assignments 06/04/2015   PDF
AIG Enrollment (QRD) 04/23/2014 Updated screen shots, added steps for modifying a student record as well as how to undo a record entered within the last 30 days. PDF
AIG Search Functionality (QRD) 05/22/2015   PDF
AIG - Setup Steps for AIG Security (QRD) 05/22/2015   PDF
ALP Assignment (QRD) 03/20/2014   PDF
Athletic Eligibility (QRD) 02/12/2015   PDF
Awards (QRD) 07/10/2013 Updating Document  
CECAS Process in PowerSchool (QRD) 07/15/2013   PDF
Community College Adult High School Program (CCAHS) - User Guide 11/20/2017   PDF
Create New School Enrollment W1 R1 (QRD) 07/19/2013   PDF
Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM) 02/09/2015   PDF
Dropout Reporting Process (QRD) 07/14/2016   PDF
Early Graduates 06/07/2016   PDF
Enrolling in an OCS Class in NCVPS 08/30/2017   PDF
Enter a Student Grade Level Entry Certification Record (QRD) 08/07/2014 Update:
- Revised document to match system functionality.    
Entering 3rd Grade Reading Scores (QRD) 06/23/2014   PDF
Entering Immunizations (QRD) 07/29/2014

Added new sections:

- Adding Immunization Data
- View a Student’s Immunization Change History
- Print a Student’s Immunization record
- Revised document to match system functionality and enhancements.

Entering Incidents (QRD) 09/08/2014 Update:
Revised document to match system functionality.    
Entering Read to Achieve Scores (QRD) 06/23/2014   PDF
Entering Student Office Visits (QRD) 07/29/2014 Revised document to match system functionality and enhancements. PDF
Entering Test Scores (QRD) 10/06/2014   PDF
eScholar Real Time and Bulk Syncing 08/14/2015   PDF
Global Languages Endorsement 12/19/2017   PDF
Graduation Plans (Phase 2) 12/18/2014   PDF
Health Plans (QRD) 07/29/2014
  • Added new section 'Health Plan Reports'
  • Revised document to match system functionality and enhancements
Immigrant Data Collection User Guide 02/13/2015 User Guide details the process to incorporate 'Immigrant' data in PowerSchool. PDF
Importing and Exporting Student E-Mail Addresses (QRD) 07/31/2013   PDF
Limited English Proficient (LEP) 02/12/2015

User Guide details the process to utilize 'Limited English Proficient (LEP)' functionality in PowerSchool.

Mass Enroll Students into a Special Program 01/16/2015 Update:
Updated to reflect PS 8.1.1. version.
Mass Update Student (QRD) 07/10/2013   PDF
Medications (QRD) 07/30/2014 Added new sections:
- Editing an Existing Instruction Entry Record
- Editing or Deleting an Existing Log Entry
- Revised document to match system functionality and enhancements.
Migrant (Understanding Documents from Mexico) 08/19/2016   DOC
Military 09/20/2016   PDF
Military Recruitment Request for Student Records 02/27/2017   PDF
Military Reporting Sample Letter 01/17/2017   PDF
Parent Guardian Web Access (QRD) 06/23/2014   PDF
PMR Changes for Individualized Education (IEP) Students (QRD) 02/10/2015 Configuration to accommodate PMR for Individualized Education (IEP) Students. PDF
PowerSchool Archived Duplicate Student Record Identification and Reversion 09/14/2017   PDF
Pre-K Grade Levels (QRD) 09/10/2014 Updated to show how it is to work now that PowerSchool is in sync with EDDIE. PDF
Recording Section 504 in PowerSchool (QRD) 10/09/2014 The following sections were added:
 - Applicable to the SY 2013-2014 OCR Collection Only
 - Updating an existing Section 504 Special Program Assignment
 - Locating Students with existing Section 504 Designations
Repeated Course for Credit Grade Suppression     PDF
SADLS - NC Customization 09/17/2014   PDF
State Standalone Reports Tab 07/30/2015   PDF
Stored Grades - Correction Guide for Student Grade Level Zero (QRD) 12/23/2013   PDF
Student Contacts (QRD) 07/08/2013   PDF
Student Record Transfer (QRD) 08/22/2016   PDF
Student Selections (QRD) 10/02/2014 - Categorized content as follows:
          - Search Options
          - View Field List
          - View Function List
          - Select Students by Hand          
Student Vehicle Information (QRD) 08/02/2013   PDF
Student Web Access (QRD) 06/23/2014   PDF
Summer Graduates (QRD) 06/07/2016


Summer Promotion/Retention Process (QRD) 10/31/2013 Important:     For information on how to handle records for students graduating during the summer, please see the Summer Graduates QRD at www.nc-sis.org. PDF
Suspension Letters (QRD) 07/23/2014 Develop and publish Suspension Letters using ReportWorks. PDF
TIMS to PowerSchool Bus Stop Import 05/15/2015   PDF
WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test (WAPT) 02/13/2015 The World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment Consortium (WIDA) provides the English Language Development standards and assessments that serve as the North Carolina Essential Standards. PDF
Archived (Retired Documents)
Athletic Eligibility - NC Customizations      


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