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This page contains PowerSchool report templates (PST files), Report Works files (RWP files) and files for Autosend (TXT files).  It also contains instructions on how to import these templates into PowerSchool and instructions for importing form letters and mailing labels. DDE instructions accompany each DDE report.

You can find a link to the Reporting Hub Report Master List in the leftmost column of this page. This list identifies the Reporting Hub Reports and the corresponding template type needed to produce each report.

When retrieving the PST templates from this webpage, save them on the hard drive of your computer. Do NOT try to open them. Please read the instructions for importing each template.


Description Date File Type
AutoDialer Group Instructions 08/30/2013 PDF
Instructions for AutoSend 06/11/2013 PDF
AutoSend - Alert Now Student Contact 11/13/2013 TXT
AutoSend - Alert Now Teacher 06/11/2013 TXT
AutoSend - School Messenger 06/11/2013 TXT
AutoSend - School Messenger Teacher Contact 06/11/2013 TXT
Connect Ed Extract 11/13/2013 TXT
Connect Ed Student with Unexcused Absences 06/11/2013 TXT
Direct Data Export (DDE) Instructions    
Instructions for DDE - Current Year School Course Details 06/11/2013 PDF
Instructions for DDE - School Name School Number 06/11/2013 PDF
Instructions for DDE - Study Wiz School Extract 06/11/2013 PDF
Instructions for DDE - VCASEL Location Information 06/11/2013 PDF
CFNC PowerSchool Template 04/14/2014 RPT
Form Letters and Mailing Labels    
Instructions for Importing From Letters and Mailing Labels 06/11/2013 PDF
Cumulative Credits and Current 06/11/2013 PST
Cumulative Labels 06/11/2013 PST
Mailing Label Data 08/09/2013 PST
Student Mailing Address List 09/06/2013 PST
Object Reports    
Daily Attendance Summary 05/30/2014 PST
Fee Transaction Invoice 04/30/2014 PST
Invoice Fees 04/30/2014 PST
Transcript Label 05/30/2014 PST
ReportWorks Reports    
Instructions for Importing ReportWorks Templates 06/11/2013 PDF
Admission Status Report 06/11/2013 RWP
Birthday List 06/11/2013 RWP
Class Lists by Period 06/11/2013 RWP
Class Rank of 12th Graders by Race and Gender 06/11/2013 RWP
Current and Withdrawn Students 06/11/2013 RWP
Current Year Marks 06/11/2013 RWP
Current Year Student Grades 06/11/2013 RWP
Entry Withdrawal Activity 06/11/2013 RWP
Historical Courses by Student 06/11/2013 RWP
Immunization Detail List 06/11/2013 RWP
Immunization Waivers 03/09/2015 RWP
Incident Victims 06/11/2013 RWP
Incidents with No Members Involved 06/11/2013 RWP
ISS - In-School Suspension Letters 10/22/2014 RWP
OSS - Long Term Suspension Letters 10/22/2014 RWP
OSS - Short Term Suspension Letters 10/22/2014 RWP
Parent E-mail Addresses 06/11/2013 RWP
Student Discipline Info 06/11/2013 RWP
Total Enrolled Registered Summary 06/11/2013 RWP
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